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Lecture Analysis Tool

Laurel Neufeld, Monica Kriete, MPH, and Rachel Fox

For instructors: Are you leading a session that involves weight? Use the lecture analysis tool below to check if you are causing harm to students and/or patients in larger bodies!

For students: Have you ever felt troubled by a lecture that discussed weight or fatness, but had a hard time explaining what about it was harmful? Have you wanted to collect student perspectives on a fatphobic lecture, and needed a way to structure that feedback? Have you wanted to lead a workshop on understanding fat oppression in class, and needed a framework to review class materials? If so, this lecture analysis tool is for you! 

If you use the tool, please fill out the short “use tracker survey” linked below to support the authors’ work.

* Anti-Obesity Assemblage Lecture Analysis Tool
* Example of use
* Use tracker survey